What Are The Things You Should Know About Education?

Education is indeed the need of the hour in a world where ignorance leads to suffering in numerous ways. Defining education is a complex task as education is often bemused with literacy. The query that takes place then is what is education? Is it a refined metropolitan approach to the profanities of metropolitan life? Is it a mutinous voice raised against the socio-political carnage committed upon individuals daily? Or is it, in simple and plain terms, the method that makes people comprehend the worth of things and their value in several aspects of life? But where the answer plays a subtle temptress, the questions become more and more mysterious. Generally speaking, education can be delineated as an experience which makes people feel, think, decide or land at conclusions in a specific way. Consequently, a small occurrence like learning to walk to obtaining a degree in philosophy, both come under the wide umbrella of education. Education is that which teaches us truths and facts of life in a similar way.

Now that the more complex task of defining education has been taken care of, one should understand the categories that education can be separated into. According to Jay Eitner, education can be an informal and a formal one. Formal education is doled out to us in didactic institutions while informal education is a self-didactic process which people persist to carry out every moment of one’s lives.Education assists you to have buoyancy in life. You are able to plan your life successfully when you have education as it will help to evaluate problems of life and be able to become manifested with explanations to those problems that you might face.

Which is more significant to people is controversial. Today’s municipal standards of living make sure that every people have some degree of prescribed education imparted to us in schools and universities. But the problem is certificates and degrees do not certify a good education. Under that consideration, education becomes more of self-importance than a requirement. Education should not only make people knowledgeable enough to curve a position for them in the whole broad world but it should also promote self-determining thinking in people. It should be the guide and the mentor that helps people learn, discover and formulate. And as many notable thinkers like Jay Eitner points out, education should be the bludgeon to create alterations in a world of redundant mediocrity and stagnant ideologies. It should motivate people, promote new ideas and revitalize obsolete lessons learnt from the past.

Therefore, it is good education that matters at the end of the day, not the method of obtaining it. As a result, good education should entail anything that assists people in doing all the above and has to be a collection of informal and formal education. One’s edification should make one human being who can dream of a superior world and carry out the ideas into actuality and that is only probable when people have a sense of balance of informal and formal education.


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