Facts aboutPakarena Dance

Pakarena dance is one of the most famous traditional dance in Indonesia. It is coming from South Sulawesi. This type of dance is truly beautiful. Have you heard about this kind of traditional dance? If you haven’t heard about it, read along to know more facts about it.

  1. This dance is a dance that can be done with the company of traditional musical instruments.

This dance usually accompanied by two Gandrang and a pair of Puik-puik. Gandrang is a traditional drum heads. Puik-puik is a pair of traditional flute instruments.

  1. This dance is a dance that has been played by one of well-known maestro in South Sulawesi

Before, the late DaengPakarenaMaccoppongRannu from Gowa district has played this dance.

  1. This dance has so many types.

As there are so many tribes in South Sulawesi province, it is not a wonder if the dance of Pakarena has so any variations. One of the most well-known dances is PakarenaGantarang dance which has been derived from Selayar Island district.

  1. This dance is a dance that must be presented by women.

As this traditional Pakarena dance is presented with the aim to show of the beauty of South Sulawesi women, no man can dance. By seeing this dance, you will see that South Sulawesi women is truly soft-spoken, graceful, obedient, polite and of course, beautiful.

  1. This dance is attractive to look at as the dancers wear beautiful costume in proud.

The costume of the dancer of this dance truly stood out the most. Of course, the costume is made to show off the beauty cultures of South Sulawesi. For your information, the dances usually wear Pahang clothes and lipa ‘sa’ is. Pahang clothes are beautiful hand-woven attire. Lipa ‘sa’ be is a typical silk sarong from South Sulawesi. To complete their look, the dancer also wears typical jewelries that will match the overall look, such as necklines and bracelets.

  1. This dance consists of graceful movements.

The movements of this dance are very meaningful and artistic. Even a subtle motion is thought carefully to present the beautiful dance. All the movement has their own meaning. It is no wonder that you can distinguish this kind of dance from other South Sulawesi’s traditional dance.

  1. This dance is usually held in the gathering of royal family years before.

It has been known that the dance is usually presented in front of the royal family. Before, this dance even presented especially in front of the 16th king of Gowa, the amazing Sultan Hasanuddin, as a form of love for him.


In the end, the aesthetic beauty of this dance can’t be doubted. If you still can’t believe it, then it would be better for you to see it by yourself. After seeing the dance, you will never have anything to say anymore. Truly, its beauty even can make dance lovers to be so gratefully amazed. Want to be the next fan of this Pakarena dance? Come along to South Sulawesi province of Indonesia!

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